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Digital revenues

Are you Truly navigating to next?

Your rival becomes the first $100 billion Indian business.

- As your biggest rival pushes forward with a new Business framework 4.0 strategy; playing catch up could be very difficult.
- Their digital revenues are almost double than yours.
- Their attrition has come down to the lowest. (11%)
- Their brand value crossed $10 billion (indicative of attracting employees as well).

We just might be the right people to help you beat your rivals.

How can We help you beat them?

We fit perfectly in your 3 year roadmap of Navigating to Next.

FY19 - Stabilize
FY20 - Momentum
FY21 - Accelerate

Stabilizing your reskilling initiatives by benchmarking your employees with multiple indicative scores. So you can pick momentum in the next fiscal year.

The $160 billion digital market

With assessments in data science and product management backed by industry leaders, we know the importance of new skills in the age of disruption.

Your new CEO is data driven. So, are we.

Identify global trends with detailed insights across teams, the company and globally.

A part of your 4 pillar strategy

We are a strong fit in 2 of your pillars -
- Reskilling employees
- Scaling agile digital business.

Don't sacrifice margins

Our cost is less than 1% of your revenue per employee per annum.
We take our clients cost optimization very seriously!

"You have the ability to steer your organization to success in the Future of Work."​​

Why Us?

Assess anytime, anywhere

Free up your employees to take assessments hassle free, through a mobile app.

Enable consistent global training

Understand your employee's competencies against industry standards without the worry of loosing insights.

Continuous learning

Reassess team members post training to measure success and help improve weak areas.

Insights, not just data

Leverage real facts to set learning goals for your employees.

Focus on integrating people towards digital outcomes, not on complex HR systems

Drive true business outcomes by focusing on employees.

Success Stories

We can now say where our middle management stands in data science skills. UAssess has given us an easier path to decide the next course of action in learning for our employees.

Sr L&D Manager, Large Telecom company

Made it easy to track the variety of leadership assessments across our initiatives. Additionally, helped us connect students to the right coaches based on the personalized reports. 

Director of Programs, Leading B school, India

We are planning to begin using the data science assessments to beef up our hiring in our analytics teams.

VP Engineering, Large S/w Product company, USA


Free Pilot

0 / employee / annum
  • Upto 10 employees
  • 1 Assessment


x / employee / annum
  • Upto 50 employees
  • 5 Assessments


x / employee / annum
  • 51 - 500 employees
  • 10 Assessments


x / employee / annum
  • 500+ employees
  • Unlimited Assessments


● Product management Beginner
● Data science Aptitude

More in the pipeline…

How it works

Just 3 steps.

No complex onboarding.

No complex integrations.

1) Sign Up

Sign up for a pilot

2) Mobile Assessment

We will schedule a business ready live assessment.
Take it any time, anywhere.

3) U are Assessed!

- Instant data driven reports for employees on the app.
- Instant insights for respective managers on the Assessment panel to take further action.

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