This report has two important objectives. The first objective is that it informs the organization and L&D teams about potential of a candidate in learning data science. By investing in data science training for the right candidates, L&D teams will have a better ROI on training investment. The second important objective is for the candidate to assess their own readiness and aptitude for learning data science which will help them make better career decisions.

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There has never been a better time to be a data science professional. The next generation of business leaders will be ones who master business, technology and data. Data Science Professionals are much in demand, with McKinsey & Company predicting 1.5 million open positions for Data Science Professionals in 2018 for US alone. Apart from recruiting new talent in the data space, organizations should work on re-skilling their existing workforce to take up this data challenge that we are facing. This report will help you understand your individual strengths in various competency areas of Data Science and help you devise a career path for yourself in the field of Data Science.


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