Know what it takes to be a top-notch Product Leader

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Get Assessed on the top skills needed to thrive in your career.

Here are FOUR key assessments that will determine your readiness quotient for a highly productized world.

Product Management Literacy Assessment

Assess yourself on the key skills to be a top-notch Product Manager:

This assessment gauges your proficiency level on the above skills.

Product Leader Influentiality Index

Most organisations these days are either flat or have matrixed reporting structures; and it becomes imperative for product managers to collaborate with cross-functional teams to build a product. Hence it becomes extremely important to possess traits that “influence team-members” in the organisation.

Ascertain your style of influencing team-members.

Conflict Management Style Analysis

With many cross-functional teams to collaborate with, it is important for Product Leaders to resolve conflicts whenever they arise. Know your style of resolving conflicts, by taking up this assessment. Key parameters that you will be evaluated on:

Evaluate your approach to conflict management.

Career Path Anchors Gradient

Are you confident of making the right career choices? With the advancement of technology, the old rules of career progression just aren’t applicable anymore. It’s critical to know if you understand this in its entirety. What are the factors that govern your career?

This assessment helps you understand the various factors that influence your career.

Mentoring from Industry Practitioners

What next, after knowing where you stand in terms of your skills? It is important to know how to bridge the gaps and reach your full potential.

When you get a mentor, you are actually getting a sounding board – you can bounce off all your ideas without fear of being ridiculed or criticized. What you get, a honest opinion and the right kind of advice.

Always look for a mentor who is active professionally, because there is nothing as valuable as experience linked to ground realities. Mentors are industry practitioners who not only provide knowledge and skills, they also connect you to the, who’s who in industry. 

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