Benchmarking employee skills made easy

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Corporate clients

Developed in collaboration with industry leaders

know Them better

Understand your employees competencies against industry standards.

Continuous Learning

Re-assess team members post-training to measure progress and improvement.

Understand your hires

Assess the skills of potential job candidates.

Data driven assessments

Set goals based on real measurements.

Why pilot with us?

In our research and interactions, we came across an interesting fact. Many L&D managers are facing a tough time tracking what their employees are learning and then figuring out if they are on the right track. UAssess helps in both.

We are currently offering a free pilot for 50 employees. Post which we shall be offering a quote basis your requirements

Yes, anyone from the CEO to the fresher can use the app to take assessments.

Our team has people who have always been learning new areas in their previous employment at various companies. Yet, it was always a pain point for them to share the same with their management. It usually led to mulitple documentation and long email threads. We did rather help companies on the thing that truly matters. That is, assessing employees and helping them learn new skills.

What Our Customers say

We can now say where our middle management stands in data science skills. UAssess has given us an easier path to decide the next learning for employees.
L&D Manager, Large Telecom Company
Easy to track and manage leadership assessments, UAssess helps us to focus on our executive students, enabling us to connect them to the right coaches basis the detailed reports and help them in further learning.
Director of Programs, Leading product B school in India

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Resources to assess your team

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