Benchmarking New Age Skills

UAssess is the new age, one-stop assessment engine that enables in-depth personalized gap analysis and track performance over time for individuals and L&D management.


Our rigorous assessments help measure and take informed decisions about your employees.

– Assess competencies in data science, product management, etc relative to industry standards

– Guide further learning based on data

– Measure success over time and intervene only when required.


Assess Anytime, Anywhere

Free up your employees to take assessments hassle free, through a mobile app.

In-Depth skill assessment

In-Depth skill and competency assessment. Analysis of competencies at granular level

Customized Assessment by Competency and by Role

Built in library of industry best practices and global competency frameworks.

Insights and Analytics with Peer and Industry baselining

Understand your employee’s competencies against industry standards.

Improve your training ROI

Improve your training ROI by upgrading those competencies that the team need the most by objectively assessing employee competencies.

Gauge your skills and abilities, understand leadership styles and grow as a professional.

Success stories

What people say?

Identify strengths, skills and gaps in your team to find the perfect fit for every role.

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