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Product Manager

The purpose of this report is to assess the product management skills of individuals in terms of the five essential skill-packs defined by world experts on product management.

Data Scientist

If you are able to determine how evolved you are towards data science, then this automatically helps your manager as well.

The report provides an overall score and individual scores in the 5 aptitude areas.

Why UAssess?

Our assessments help you identify  your strengths and weaknesses. Which can help you in customizing your learning plan and creating a stronger impact in your job.

  1. Assess skills in product management and data science.
  2. Assess yourself in leadership competencies, career anchors and influentiality index.
  3. Measure yourself to track success and recourse where needed.


"After taking the leadership assessments, all I can say is, this app is simply awesome, providing a concise and clear picture to learn and move forward.Try it and you'll love it!"
Project Manager
"Was initially skeptical but the reports blew my mind."
""Takes the complexity out of leadership assessments."
Leadership coach
"Really liked the questions in the product management and data science assessments. Looking forward to the next level"
Product Manager

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