Automate, Enhance & Speed up your Hiring Process

UAssess offers the best in class AI-powered hiring solution for flawless recruitment

Create Assessments with Customization

You know your requirements the best. That’s why UAssess offers the power of customization with expert-made assessments so you make the most suitable choices every time.

Creating an assessment has never been easier. All you need to do is enter the role’s designation, and then select the most suitable one from existing assessment libraries made by industry experts to analyze your potential candidates to their core for making the most suitable decision.

Ready in a few clicks

Choose an assessment from the library, customize the questions for your requirements, and that's it! Your assessment is ready to go.

Be in control

We have a near-perfect assessment library. But, you can customize our already tailored assessments to suit your role requirements.

Unprecedented accuracy

Your changes to the assessments will not affect the accuracy of the data analysis or the performance report. We help you hit the bull’s eye with the hire.

Candidate Friendly Experience

Our hiring solution is designed to deliver a candidate-friendly experience. UAssess, along with highly accessible assessments, offers a dedicated page for the company’s branding or any message you may want to convey to candidates before the assessment.
Candidates not only feel welcome but also forget their nervousness as companies get to establish a connection with them which gives transparent and more precise results about their competency.

Easy Collaboration

Invite your assessee right from the assessment building page with a well-curated invitational message without any hassles. You can also use a personalized message.

Diversified Question Base

Candidates feel more engaged and less saturated with various question formats. Choose from objective, subjective, audio, video, or picture-based questions.

Highly Accessible

Candidates can take the assessment from any device, anywhere. This helps in delivering a seamless experience for you and your candidates as well!

Artificial Intelligence at its Best!

In-depth assessments and data-driven performance analysis powered by artificial intelligence that goes beyond just assessing the technical skills!
Leverage the power of Artificial Intelligence to tap into the candidate’s mental core beyond their answers. AI-powered performance analysis offers you valuable insight into a candidate’s skill set, personality, and suitability. Getting a peek into a candidate’s particular weak & strong hand is another perk that comes with UAssess’s AI-powered assessments.

AI-powered Assessments

Get a sneak peek into candidates' weak & strong hands with AI-powered in-depth assessments by industry experts! Focus on a particular skill or judge the qualities suitable to play a multitasker, whatever the role!

Data-Driven Analysis

Accurate data-driven analysis assures you of valuable insight into candidates' skill sets, personalities, and suitability for the role to make an informed and correct decision based on solid performance records, all in a blink of an eye!

Analyze more than just skills

UAssess state-of-the-art hiring solution does not only grade the candidates based on right and wrong answers.
UAssess with the help of in-depth assessment libraries and a variety of question formats evaluates more than just technical skills. It looks for qualities beyond the skills or experience and ranks the candidates accordingly. This helps in finding just the right person for the job who can exceed your expectations.

Variety at its best

With over ten types to choose from, you can assess a candidate with objective, subjective, audio, video, and picture-based questions.

Only Informed Decisions, No Mishires!

You’re always right when your decision is based on deep analysis and precise calculations, which is exactly what UAssess insights are based upon!

Unbiased Decision Process

Welcome the most talented and skilled people irrespective of their backgrounds to build a diverse team that can offer more than what the role expects.

Save Countless hours with a Fully Automated Process!

Let UAssess do all the heavy lifting and save yourself uncountable hours of the hectic and complex recruiting process. From sharing an invite to welcoming a candidate on board, everything is taken care of with the UAssess automated hiring solution.

Save time curating assessments

No need to invest several hours curating an assessment from the scratch. Choose from expert-made libraries and share right from the same page

Automated Onboarding Process

From creating an assessment to conducting interviews and welcoming a candidate on board, all taken care of by UAssess. Experience true automation!

What Makes us the Perfect Choice!

Other than a flawless hiring system, what other perks make us the first choice for your hiring solutions? Let’s see!

Cloud-sync Database

Never lose performance records for future opportunities & references!

True Automation

From creating an assessment to welcoming a candidate onboard, everything’s automatic

Flawless Data Abstraction

Intricate data results turned into easy-to-read graphs and charts to make easy decisions!

All at One Place

Shortlist candidates, interview them, and onboard the best without signing off the platform!