There is a huge demand for data scientists and data science professionals around the world. According to a Mcinsey Global report there is a need for about 1.5 million datascience savvy managers and 140,000 data analytics profe sionals in 2018 in the US alone. This huge talent gap needsto be filled by training more graduates on data science
skills but also by upskilling existing workforce with data skills. Organizations will benefit tremendously if
they are able to determine which employees among the current workforce have a more evolved aptitude towards learning data science.

This report has two important objectives. The first objective is that it informs the organization and L&D teams about potential of a candidate in learning data science. By investing in data science training for the right candidates, L&D teams will have a better ROI on training investment. The second important objective is for the candidate to assess their own readiness and aptitude for learning data science which will help them make better career decisions.



Quantitative aptitude


Data Science awareness


Statistical aptitude


Analytical and critical thinking


Curiosity and exploration

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