About Us

As one of the leading assessment platforms, we are on a mission to help organizations by offering them valuable employee insights. It’s done by harnessing the power of data science to differentiate between prospective candidates.

Our customized and in-house curated assessments have helped a plethora of companies from various industrial niches. These intricately designed assessments are backed by industry experts and have streamlined the process of talent search and evaluating current employees. It has also guided companies to implement changes to ensure their employees stay up to date in the domains like- knowledge and skills for optimal functioning. Our assessments measure skill sets applicable in a multitude of fields, for example, product management, data science, conflict management, etc.

With continuous adaptation to the evolving industry needs and technological advancement, UAssess is creating relevant assessments to aid HR leaders- from preventing any complications from happening and hiring distinguished candidates.


Amanda Lee

Senior project

Adam Cheise

Head of Platform

Lary Flint

Graphic Designer

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