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Let's answer your questions

So, what is UAssess?

We simplify and enable L&D Managers and HR Executives to benchmark their employees across multiple skill sets.

Why are you building this product and company from scratch?

We are on a mission to help organizations gain business advantage through employee insights.

So, what?

We have a strong belief system that employees are the biggest brand ambassadors of a company. And we just want to help them.

Help L&D people by making their lives easy.
Help employees by enabling them on the right career paths.
Help companies by avoiding unnecessary costs, enabling better employees and facing digital disruption.

Ok. How are you better than others?

If your are a HR executive reading this, we have a simple answer -
We want to help better understand your employees, without the overhead of unnecessary costs and complex systems.

If your are a L&D executive reading this, we have a simple answer -
We want you to focus on integrating your employees, not on complex systems and processes.

If your are an employee reading this, we have a simple answer -
We want you to grow and deliver better returns to the company.

If your are a CXO reading this, we have a simple answer -
Other companies are focused on their own profit maximization. We focus on your cost optimization.

Who are we?

Our team consists of and is backed by -
- Cofounders of a successful education business.
- Pedigreed executives from the B2B software world.
- Strong B2C product & tech professionals who believe software systems should be built with "KISS - Keep it Simple, Stupid."
- And of course, a very strong team building assessments behind the scenes and getting them validated from industry leaders.

Our impact

We can now say where our middle management stands in data science skills. UAssess has given us an easier path to decide the next course of action in learning for our employees.

Sr L&D Manager, Large Telecom company

Made it easy to track the variety of leadership assessments across our initiatives. Additionally, helped us connect students to the right coaches based on the personalized reports. 

Director of Programs, Leading B school, India

We are planning to begin using the data science assessments to beef up our hiring in our analytics teams.

VP Engineering, Large S/w Product company, USA

Why Us?

Assess anytime, anywhere

Free up your employees to take assessments hassle free, through a mobile app.

Enable consistent global training

Understand your employee's competencies against industry standards without the worry of loosing insights.

Continuous learning

Reassess team members post training to measure success and help improve weak areas.

Insights, not just data

Leverage real facts to set learning goals for your employees.

Focus on integrating people, not on complex HR systems

Drive true business outcomes by focusing on employees.

How we help you?

Strategic decision making capability

With team wide & company wide benchmarks scores.

Prepare for digital disruption

With assessments in data science and product management backed by industry leaders, we know the importance of new skills in the age of disruption.

Identify global trends impacting business

With detailed insights

Provide for your managers

Help them engage their teams in benchmarking themselves and moving towards newer learning paths in a quicker manner.

Make learning a part of your culture

"KISS" - Keep it simple, stupid is our belief. And we obsess over helping you focus on employees, not on complex integrations or processes. Thereby, becoming a part of your employee life.

"You have the ability to steer your organization to success in tomorrow’s labor market."​

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