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UAssess  in-depth assessments help advance your company’s tech and leadership skills. Our platform helps to identify strengths and gaps  that guide custom learning plans designed for high impact.

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Benchmark your workforce’s technical and leadership competencies against industry standards in data science, product management, programming, and many more.

Know Who You’re Hiring

Assess the skills of potential hires to speed up your talent search and hire the right person for the role.

Holistic framework

Gain a holistic view into your employee’s current capabilities of functional, technical, soft and leadership skills

Data-Driven Score Reports

We provide detailed analysis at the individual , group and company level based on the assessments and Industry benchmarks

Customized Assessments

We let you customize the assessment based on the context of the role, project or company

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Free up your employees to take assessments hassle free, through a mobile application. 

know your team

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Shaped By Today’s Changing Digital Landscape

We’ve collaborated across a range of industries to distill key skills for success in Data Science, Product management, Technology(Programming, Cloud,Blockchain,Security), Digital Marketing, Finance, Leadership(Influentiality index, conflict management) and more

Our assessments are not one-size-fits-all. You can customize every assessment to include the skills and competencies for a level that will help to deliver value.


Developing Standards in Product Management and Data Science

UAssess Standards Board , comprises of Experts and leaders from Cisco, McAfee , Bosch, and more, aim to establish a set of standards across the in-demand fields of product management, data science ,digital marketing, leadership and more. Our Council of Advisors bring decades of experience and leadership to defining skill and competency requirements that will help to demystify career pathways, streamline hiring practices, and guide strategic development for employees and teams.


Inside Our Product Management Level 2 Assessment

UAssess Product management assessment offers insight into today’s key skills in six major areas: Market Analysis, Strategy Planning and Vision, Product Planning and Development, GoTo Market and Digital Marketing, Sales Enablement and Channels, Business Finance and Revenue Modelling, Data Analytics and KPI

Through 30 minutes of select response questions — including 60 competencies and sub competencies in the above defined skills sets — we’re able to determine the test taker’s aptitude for building products that people want to buy.


Personalized and Group level Data-Driven Analysis

We evaluate various aspects of each candidate’s work and show their scores in context of peer and industry benchmarks, helping you identify top candidates and improvement opportunities.

After individuals complete the business driven assessments for their topic, our team provides a detailed report with analysis. This allows you to see score data, full analysis, and recommended next steps for your learning paths.

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CASE STUDY - Benchmarking the Workforce of a Large Telecom Company

How an industry leader leveraged our assessment-led learning strategy to get their data science and product management team ahead.



Determining a Product Management Team’s Effectiveness

A leading telecom company wanted transparency into the competencies of their own product management team for training need analysis. Their first priority: to gauge their product management skills to ensure they were relevant and competitive. The next: to fill the gaps fast.


Target, Measure, Fix – Solve Your Talent Pain Points

More than 50 employees took UAssess product management assessments. Our team then used results to inform personalized learning paths. Our partners provided training. Individuals also learned online using partners  library of videos, industry case studies, solve-along scenarios, and more.


Delivering product to deliver value

Customized skill assessments helped build a competency map, which was used to identify the yearly training plan and through data-driven learning, team members adapted to fast-changing product practices.



Building a Data Science Center of Excellence

To lead the industry by adopting data driven strategies and defining data science standards across company, a leading telecom company wanted to setup a Data Science Center of Excellence. They were looking at ways to find quality hires from hundreds of job candidates to build the top talent team


Selecting quality candidates from a very large pool

Client was able to select quality hires at multiple experience levels from hundreds of job candidates using data science aptitude and competency assessments


Identification of quality hires

Client was able to create a top talent team for data science center of excellence in days rather than months — saving both time and money.

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